APFT scores

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APFT scores

Postby Ray » May 15th, 2003, 4:07 pm

for all the current rangers,
were you guys maxing the APFT before you even shipped out for basic?

DEP guys - what are your scores like right now?

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Postby donitz » May 15th, 2003, 6:04 pm

For the most part Rangers excelled in PT all the way from the start. Of course there are those that had to push even harder because some people, regardless of fitness level, just suck at pushups, situps, whatever. One thing to keep in mind is the 60 pushups you did in Basic might equate to 30 or so in RIP and so on. Huge fucking difference between someone who's been in leg land for their entire career grading you as there is with a tabbed-out E-6 repeating " 30, 30, 30, 30.........."

I spent 2 years in Germany before I saw the light and arrived at 2nd Bn.. I had always maxed the PT test but I noticed a considerable "drop" in my score when there was someone grading me who's sole purpose in life wasn't just eating vanilla pudding and staring aimlessly at Nuke bunkers all day.

Keep in mind that good enough isn't in the Regiment. If you can do 70 pushups then why cant you do 80, shit, you've got 2 minutes, get off your ass!!!
That reminds me, your'e not sitting down, eating Twinkies and thinking about how dreamy the cast of Dawson's Creek is are you!!!
You know the deal!!!!

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Postby Earthpig » May 15th, 2003, 7:55 pm

I had it made, since I was an old fart...didn't have to do as many. I always maxed it, even in Bat. But the problem was, when you maxed it, they made you sew this little President's Fitness Award patch on your PT shirt and it was like a bullseye for the SPC4 Mafia. I even caught shit for that patch by SPC4's from other companies! So the moral of the story is....there is no max. Even if you max it, they'll find more!
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Postby ShedNoTears » May 16th, 2003, 8:28 am

I'm embarrassed at my scores right now, don't even want to mention them.

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Postby Leatherneck » May 16th, 2003, 9:27 am

Max, so you better get your asses in gear young DEP'pers :wink: .

You don't want my old, former Marine ass running rings around you in RIP (and believe me, I intend to).
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Postby Yukk » May 16th, 2003, 2:14 pm

Im a DEP and i maxed out my "Promotional APFT", but pretty much whenever im not in school im at the gym.

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Postby PaleHorseRider » May 16th, 2003, 2:40 pm

yukk, seriously, ya gotta stop braggin about your apft scores and the fitness you are in, really, we get the message man.

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Postby Yukk » May 21st, 2003, 11:48 am

Im no, im sorry if it seemed that way, i was just answering his questions. I just like to talk about PT, not a lot of my friends are into PT :?


Postby Spartan » May 21st, 2003, 12:28 pm

I NEVER maxed a PT test until AFTER I was in Bn. I didn't max one at RIP, although I think I scored around 270 or so at the time. I sucked at running distances as short as two miles quickly, but excelled at running long distances. Best run at Bn was a 12:03. I always maxed pushups prior to RIP and maxed situps while at RIP. While in BN, I NEVER failed to max a PT test.

The thing I did before I became a Ranger that gave me the idea that I had no limits, or nothing that could hold me back from what I wanted to accomplish is that I completed a double century bike ride. And, I had never heard of a double century before deciding to ride it. It was on a Wednesday that I read an article that the Davis Double Century would be held on the coming weekend. I had about 3-4 training rides under my belt thus far that spring. I decided right then that I would ride it and I completed it.

I can't tell you how many people I passed that had invested a lot in training but were not mentally committed to the idea of completing the ride. These were the people who whined as they pedaled up the hills and who I openly laughed at as I passed.

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Postby Yukk » May 22nd, 2003, 9:02 am

I wish i had you as a recruiter.
I used to have a recruiter, his name was Sgt Rivera, he was from 82nd airborne, he used to PT me to death, and he was honest about everything. Everybody hated him hehe but i really liked that guy and because of him i keep improving and improving every day and never quit. He left back to Ft Bragg in December...........so no every other recruiter at my station DOESNT DO SHIT, i mean they barely pass their own PT tests. From what iv learned by talking to other deppers most recruiters are like that, lazy, recruiters like Sgt Rivera and you are hard to come by. Those Deps you got are lucky.

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