graduated from RASP

Commo from our members who are in OSUT, Jump School, RIP, Ranger School, etc.
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graduated from RASP

Post by Asystole557 »

Rangers, I just graduated from rasp this morning. It was the proudest moment in my life. Nothing felt better then donning that beret and bellowing the ranger creed at the top of my lungs. I realize I have only stepped in the door, and now the real work begins, but I'm excited to train and take on new challanges, and once I'm done with socm I cannot wait to deploy and defend our great nation alongside the best warriors in the world. I wanted to thank everyone on this site, especially my dad and Ranger Invictus for mentoring and guiding me. I will continue to give my hundered and ten percent. Rangers lead the way.
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by Lunch »

Welcome Ranger- Outstanding!
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Congrats . . .Rangers Lead The Way, Always!!!
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by Zonk 1/75 »

Excellent job! Congrats!

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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by centermass »

Like you've already said, now the real work starts.

Congratulations Ranger.
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by cams »

Outstanding job RANGER! I'm proud of you and don't even know you, can only imagine how proud Ranger Invictus and your Dad are of you. Great job bro.
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by Invictus »

Proud as hell of this young stud. He's come far, and is only just beginning. One 65 to graduate out of a class that started with 167.

His first minutes under a beret and scroll. Great job Ranger!
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graduated from RASP

Post by KW Driver »

Good job Ranger! Welcome to the brotherhood. don't do anything stupid this weekend and don't get soft at SOCM.

Do enjoy your time off this weekend. You Bandito's son?
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by K.Ingraham »

Congrats!! a job well done - you have earned your opportunity to earn your way into a great brotherhood." onclick=";return false;
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by McD »

So do they teach you how to wear your beret? It looks good on you, I envy you, and I congratulate you! Well done!
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by Invictus »

KW Driver wrote:You Bandito's son?
Roger. I'm pretty sure he and some of his peers are checking out Spinnaker's and Club La Vila this weekend.
Actually, I'm not sure those joints are still open, but that's the destination.
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by Ndog275 »

Congrats Ranger!
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by Jim »

Excellent. Now the tough part begins.
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by mortar_guy78 »

Excellent job young Ranger. Congratulations.
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Re: graduated from RASP

Post by al_2ndWolfhounds »

Congratulations Ranger, its a great time of your life enjoy the hell out of it.

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