Late 80's RSOV & MedSOV pix

Moving in and around an area of operations. Helicopters, Bikes, RSOVs, Zodiac's, etc...
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Late 80's RSOV & MedSOV pix

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For those modelers peeking in here; from an armor modeler's 'walkaround' website: ... Landrovers

For the more anal retentive types, NO OPSEC violation exists here, RSOVs were frequently displayed at dogNpony shows open to the public & the Land Rover 110 family is one of the most widely used 4x4 vehicles in the world.
Enjoy the photos." onclick=";return false;
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Picture is late 90's vintage.
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Ndog275 wrote:Picture is late 90's vintage.
2/75 97-00

It's not that I'm's that I don't care

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Ranger RSOVRanger is drooling. :lol:
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The Holmchicken wrote:
Ndog275 wrote:Picture is late 90's vintage.
x3 Camel backs alone give that away

1/75 HHC 94-96 S-4

Fuck em if they cant take a joke.....
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