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Gary O'Neal


By Paul Pawela

The Lord said "Who will go, who will fight for me?" and the young Special Forces man stepped away from his family as they reached out, saying, "I will go, send me."

Those words are immortalized on the beautiful memorial dedicated to all Special Operations Forces at Arlington Cemetery.

The making of a Tier One Operator is a long and hard task that requires a certain kind of man. Gary O'Neal was one of those elite Crazy Special Forces Men handpicked for Blue Light. Blue Light was the first Official Counter Terrorist Team that was put together by the 5th Special Forces Group until Delta could become fully operational and support them on their own.

Of any one person was born to be a warrior it's Gary O'Neal. His Father was a warrior who served in World War Two as a Bomber in the Army Air corps. Shot down, Gary's father evaded the enemy across France and Spain into North Africa, where he was picked up by the US Army and served as a courier for General Patton.

On Gary's mother's side are several notable Sioux Warriors including Chief Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. His grandfather mentored him according to the Sioux Warrior path which includes a Sundance and eventually a four day vision quest.

Gary joined the military in a not so legal manner at the age of seventeen and completed a tour in Vietnam. He was recommended for the Silver Star for bravery but the Government didn't take to kindly to Gary borrowing someone else's name to get into the service, so they kicked him out. An anonymous Special Forces Sergeant Major helped Gary get back into the service again but he had to go through basic training, airborne school and other training all over again. Did he mind? Hell No, he was having fun and looking forward to getting back into combat.