MP5 Submachinegun
by Tim Davis

Also known as the HK5A2 and HK5A3. The Germans have long made exceptional high- grade weapons. The MP5 is a culmination of decades of effort. In this small package is probably the finest SMG ever made. It's designed from the popular HK rifle series and uses the same roller locking system. It comes with either a fixed or telescopic sight. HK also made a 5.56-mm version. All models of the MP5 fire from a closed bolt position, eliminating those nasty cook offs common to open bolt systems. The MP5 was originally in use with the West German police and military, but over the years with the rise in counter-terrorism units, it has become a favorite with special units, police and military, around the world. It is often fitted with a sound suppressor, laser sights and an optional flashlight. When we first practiced with the MP5 in the 2nd Ranger Battalion we were very pleased with the unique rear sight rotary aperture. Although the stated effective range is 150 meters, we were found that with practice and a little ranger ingenuity, we were able to hit targets well beyond this. Ranger Sgt. Tim "Griz" Martin was the first one to show me a few tricks with it.

MP5 Army Ranger Weapon

Primary Function Close Quarter Battle
Manufacturer Heckler and Koch, Germany
Caliber Various. Includes 9-mm parabellum,
10-mm, and .40 S&W
Length 26.7 in
Weight 5.59 lbs
Effective Range 150 m
Operation Delayed Blowback
Type of Fire Select
Muzzle velocity 400 m/sec
Sight Front - hooded post
Rear - rotary aperture
Magazine 15, 30, 40 rd box type