From the 1970's to as late as 1990, throughout the United State's Army's Special Operations, individuals and units implemented different optional configurations for their weapon systems, using duct tape, hose clamps, flex cuffs to attach carbine and rifle accessories. As a result of this inventiveness and the apparent need to configure weapons with a variety of accessories, the Army began to develop a list for new requirements in order to eliminate the non-standard flashlights, sight systems, etc... to create a robust and standardized accessory kit. 

The Colt M4A1 Carbine with Special Operations Peculiar Modification Kit (SOPMOD) was developed and is the current primary individual rifle of the 75th Ranger Regiment. The weapon is highly configurable, according to the needs of a particular mission and there are a variety of options that are provided for use. The system is designed for durability and enhanced target acquisition.

The M4A1 SOPMOD Kit has an upgrade path from it's beginning in 1994, out to the year 2011. The options which are currently part of the system include selectable full-auto, a Rail-Interface System upon which components are mounted, a collapsible stock, improved barrel heat shield, M203 40mm grenade launcher, vertical hand grip, suppressor, visible and IR lights and laser sights. Clearly, the M4A1 is the weapon for the present and the near future.

M4A1 Army Ranger Weapon

Primary Function SOF Carbine
Manufacturer United States / Colt
Additional Contractors:
· Trijicon Inc.
· Knights Arament Co.
· Litton Industries
· Insight Technologies
Bore Diameter .223
Weapon Length 29.8 in
Weapon Weight 5.65 lbs
Max Effective range    600M
Muzzle velocity 2,800 fps
Rate of fire 700-950 rpm
Ammo capacity 30 rds


M4A1 Army Ranger Weapon M4A1 Army Ranger Weapon