M9 9mm Pistol
by Tim Davis

The US military had long been looking to standardize its pistol with NATO, and have one sidearm for all branches to replace the .38 and the M1911A1 .45. Beretta of Italy submitted their model 92F for testing. It was initially accepted, but with some modifications such as new grip plates and a lanyard ring fitting. Most notable to those who were used to the .45 and its seven- round magazines was that the M9 held 15 rounds, and it's double-action. This was especially important when it came to magazine changes. Additionally, the M9 shoots a 9-mm round which allows each Ranger to carry more ammunition and the NATO standard round creates an interoperability with our allies. The M9 has been carried into combat by Rangers in Panama, Somalia, Kuwait and Afghanistan.


M9 9mm Pistol Army Ranger Weapon

Primary Function Sidearm
Manufacturer Beretta and Beretta USA
Caliber 9-mm Parbellum
Length 8.54 in
Weight 2.55 lbs
Effective Range 50 m
Operation Short recoil, semi-automatic
Muzzle Velocity 365 m/sec
Sight Semi-Automatic
Magazine 15 rd box type