MK19 40-mm machinegun MOD 3
by Tim Davis

The automatic grenade launcher was developed during the Vietnam War for use by the US Navy for waterborne operations. After the war, a Product Improvement Program eventually led to the development of the MK19 40-mm machinegun. The MK19 is blowback operated and fully automatic. It is capable of engaging hard and soft targets over two clicks away. It fires a variety of rounds. The HEDP 40-mm grenade will pierce armor up to two inches thick. When used against troops in the open, the grenade has a kill radius of five meters, and a wound radius of fifteen meters.

During Task Force Ranger, the mission to Somalia in 1993, the MK19 was mounted on Humvees. Presently, the MK19 is mounted on the Ranger Special Operations Vehicle (RSOV), a modified Land Rover, for classic Ranger missions such as airfield seizures. It can also be carried short distances and set-up with a tripod mount. For night operations, the AN/TVS-5 night vision sight is available.

Primary Function Grenade Launcher
Manufacturer Saco Defense Industries
Caliber 40 mm
Length 43.1 in
Weight Gun - 72.5 lbs
Tripod mount - 44.0 lbs
Cradle mount - 21.0 lbs
Effective Range 1600 m
Max. Range 2200 m
Operation Blowback
Type of Fire Automatic
Sight Rear leaf
Muzzle velocity 240.7 m/sec
Feed System Disintegrating link belt
Cyclic Rate 325 - 375 rpm