by Tim Davis

The M72A2 is a light weight, self-contained disposable Anti-tank system. It was used effectively by Rangers in Operation Just Cause in Panama and also in Somalia against armed militia and buildings. The launcher is composed of two tubes, one inner and one outer. To fire, the inner tube is withdrawn to a locked position, the sights are raised, and the rocket is armed. The target can now be engaged, just don't forget to check your back blast area! The expendable launcher can also be used as a field expedient booby trap by inserting one or more grenades

M72A2 LAW Army Ranger Weapon

Primary Function Individual Anti-tank system
Manufacturer Department of the US Army
Caliber 66 mm
   · Collapsed
   · Extended
25.7 in
35.0 in
Weight 4.6 lbs
Range 1000 m (effective 200 m)
Sight Front - reticule with lead markings
Rear - peep
Fire Method Percussion
Muzzle Velocity 144.8 m/sec
Ammunition HEAT - capable of penetrating 10 inches of armor

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