M136 AT-4
by Tim Davis

The M136 AT-4 is a lightweight, multipurpose weapon. Unlike the M72A2 LAW, it doesn't need to be extended to fire. The AT-4 is issued as a round of ammunition. It comes with a disposable fiberglass launcher and an 84-mm HE shaped charge capable of penetrating 15.7 inches of homogenous armor. The AT-4 has pop-up sights for day use, and a night sight can also be attached.

m136 AT-4 Anti-Tank Weapon Army Ranger Weapon

Primary Function Light Anti-tank system
Manufacturer FFV of Sweden; Alliant
Techsystems of Minnetonka, MN
Caliber 84-mm
Length 39.7 in
Weight 14.6 lbs
Effective Range
Max. Range
300 + m
2100 m
Sight Front - blade w/center post
Rear - peephole with range scale
Ignition piezoelectric fuse w/electric detonator
Muzzle Velocity 285 m/sec
Ammunition HE shaped charge