Questions and Answers about obtaining an Option 40 Contract and other routes to serving as a Ranger in the US Army.
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Everyone, i'm going to start posting in this thread the requirements needed to get that Option 40 contract.

I've been meaning to do this so i may as well start right now.

this will be a living post for me only. I ASK THAT NOONE BUT ME POST HERE. this is only for review and professional development.

INTRO: option 40 and other special options are managed by the ROC at FT. Knox. There are only so many to go around per quarter. this guide will help you stack the deck in your favor when you finally make it to MEPS.

1) Anyone wanting to have Option 40 added to the contract must be a TEIR 1 high school graduate OR possess the following:

a. trade/vocational school GED with letter from the school stating that 675 clock hours of course instruction have been completed.

b. GED and additional 15 semester hours (or quarter hour equivalent) of college level 100 classes on offical (sealed) transcript.

c. non high school graduate who has 15 hours of college credit as listed above.

d. foreign high school comploetion certificate with NACES certificate of evaluation and credit to count in the United States. (citizens of US territories exempt as they ARE US citizens)

e. assiocate or higher level degree by a nationally accredited university.


2) Must be a US citizen by either birth or naturalization. having a green card makes you eligible to join the Military but it DOES NOT make you able to hold a security clearance. Thus, making it impossible to become a Ranger.

3) Must score a minimum of 50 of the asvab with a GT score of 110. THE HIGHER THE BETTER. the GT score may be waived by 2 points (108). the ASVAB score may not. STUDY.

4) Be physical qualified for both Military service and Airborne duty. This is done in two stages. First, you must pass the physical in MEPS and receive all ones in your PULHES (111111). I have seen people get Airborne with a two (2) in the "E" SECTION (eyes). Never an option 40.

EDIT: IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET THIS CONTRACT WITH A 2 IN THE E SECTION. Wrote a contract for someone in this situation 5 JULY 2005.

5) Be legally qualified to enter the service without needing to be interviewed for a moral waiver. While this is not 100% proven, i have only seen one person(not mine) need a waiver of this sort and get an option 40. This person maxed the ASVAB, had a BS degree, and had changed his life and was now a religous man. He is in 1/75 now.

6) Be firm but polite when dealing with guidance counselors. enough said.

7) Remain physically and morally qualified to ship. Some dumbasses on this site have stepped on their dicks. MORE WILL. if you can't stay in the DEP to ship and try to live your dream, you have wasted a slot for someone who had the discipline to drive on to that Ranger objective. if you drop out inside 30 days of shipping, noone can get that slot and it becomes lost forever. don't fuck your Ranger buddy.[/b]
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the regulation does not say this but guidance counselors can NOT write a prior service contract and include this option.

PRIOR SERVICE is defined as anyone who has served in a branch of the military, to include the Reserve components, and has been trained in a particular MOS.

Still trying to see if a split option soldier would be able to obtain an option 40. To be on the safe side, DO NOT JOIN THE RESERVE IF YOU WANT TO BE A RANGER.
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SUBJECT: Special Forces Enlistment Program (UPDATED COPY).


2. This message is valid for 1 year from date of publication, unless
rescinded or superceded prior to that.

3. References:

a. USAREC Regulation 601-210, Regular Army and Army Reserve Enlistment
Program, dated 28 February 1995.

b. Memorandum from ODCSPER, SUBJECT: Special Forces Recruiting
Initiative Implementation Guidance, dated 8 December 1999.

c. USAREC Message 03-039, SUBJECT: Special Forces Enlistment Program
(CORRECTED COPY), dated 28 January 2003.

d. USAREC Message 03-090, SUBJECT: Special Test Requirements for 18X,
93C, and 98CMF, dated 21 May 2003.

e. USAREC Message 03-001, SUBJECT: Special Forces DLAB Qualification
Score, dated 1 October 2002, is rescinded.

f. USAREC Message 02-036, SUBJECT: Special Forces Enlistment Program,
dated 11 January 2002, is rescinded.

4. This message rescinds USAREC Message 03-039 (3c above) and provides
guidance for the Special Forces Enlistment Program. Soldiers who want to
volunteer for the Special Forces may enlist under Program 9A, U.S. Army
Training Enlistment Program, Option 3 (U.S. Army Training of Choice
Enlistment Option), Surrogate Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of 18X
(SF Recruit). Applicants must enlist for a minimum active duty service
obligation of 60 months. Individuals, both non-prior (NPS) and prior service
(PS), must be eligible to enlist and meet all additional prerequisites listed

a. Must be 18 years of age by graduation of CMF 11 One Station Unit
Training (OSUT) and have not reached their 30th birthday prior to ship date.

b. Qualified for, and volunteer for airborne training (must have
airborne stamp on physical).

c. Must be a U.S. Citizen.

d. Minimum scores of 110 GT and 98 CO.

e. High School Diploma Graduate (Tier 1). (HSSR authorized for DEP-In
only. Must have high school diploma prior to ship date).

f. Must be eligible for a SECRET clearance.

g. Must take the Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB). The DLAB
test must be scheduled within 3 working days after enlistment and taken
within 21 days of enlistment and posted to REQUEST. No minimum score
required. For those enlisting to ship within the 30 day window, DLAB must be
taken and scores posted into REQUEST no later than 15 days prior to ship

h. Must successfully complete the Pre-Basic Training Task List (USAREC
Form 1137) and the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) with minimum scores of
60 points in each event. The APFT must be administered within 30 days prior
to ship date. Forward a copy of DA Fm 705 (Army Physical Fitness Test
Scorecard) and the USAREC Fm 1137 to guidance counselor shop for verification
for accelerated promotion. Individuals will be enlisted in pay grade E-3
(based on HQDA exception for this option). Those individuals who fail any
event of the APFT or the Pre-Basic Training Task List will have their
contract renegotiated and will only be authorized advanced promotion based on
provisions of AR 601-210.

5. Individuals (NPS, DOS/PS who require retraining) will enlist under Option
3 (U.S. Army Training of Choice Enlistment Option), MOS 18X, will ship to
Fort Benning, GA and follow the training path listed below:

a. Inprocessing through the Reception Battalion.

b. OSUT for MOS 11X. Soldiers must achieve an Army Physical Fitness
Test (APFT) score of 229 with a minimum of 60 points in each event upon
completion of OSUT.

c. Airborne training.

d. Special Operations Preparatory & Conditioning (SOPC) Course
(Fort Bragg, NC). This course is two weeks in duration, consisting of
physical conditioning, land navigation, and small unit team building.
Individuals will be required to meet Special Forces (SF) selection and
eligibility criteria as outlined in AR 614-200, Chapter 5.5. Individuals
must obtain an electrocardiogram (EKG) prior to their arrival at SOPC Course.

6. Individuals already holding primary MOS of 11B (DOS/PS) who are not
airborne qualified, Guidance Counselors must contact the ROC for assistance.

7. Those individuals already MOS qualified as 11B and airborne qualified,
will enlist under Option 18 (U.S. Army First Assignment-No Training
Enlistment Option) with assignment to Fort Bragg, NC, and once inprocessed
will start training with SOPC Course. Contact ROC for any required

8. Once soldiers meet all criteria, they will be scheduled for Special
Forces Assessment and Selection Course (SFAS) (3 weeks 3 days) as outlined in
DA Pam 351-4.

9. Individuals who successfully complete SFAS, will be assigned to Special
Operations Command until scheduled for Special Forces Qualification Course

10. Guidance counselors will use REQUEST MOS 18X when using this program.
Counselors will ensure that proper entries are made on DD Form 1966 series
and that the Dynamic Annexes from GCR, both at DEP-In and DEP-Out
(appropriate forms IAW UR 601-96 for DOS/PS). DA Form 3286-70 (Addendum to
Statement for Enlistment) will be included at DEP-In. Applicants will be
required to read and initial block 1a of this form and acknowledge his
understanding of this option by signing the appropriate block under
"Authentication" on back of form. The GC will complete the remainder of this
section, witnessing the applicant's signature. The GC, by signing this form,
indicates that he or she has provided all information required under the
provisions of this program.

lifted from my work email
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