30 Years Ago Today - Operation Just Cause

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30 Years Ago Today - Operation Just Cause

Post by centermass »

30 years ago, on this date in Ranger history: December 20, 1989 -- The 75th Ranger Regiment conducts a parachutes assaults into Panama at Torrijos-Tocumen and Rio Hato airfields during Operation Just Cause. After months of failed diplomacy, a failed election and several events directed against U.S. personnel. Then President George H. Bush directed the initiation of Operation Just Cause. At 0100L hours, Rangers jumping at 500 AGL conduct combat assaults on the International Airport at Torrijos-Tocumen and the smaller airfield at Rio Hato. The operation involved 27,684 U.S. troops and over 300 aircraft.

This operation did not come without a price. Army Rangers Pfc. James W. Markwell, Pfc. John Price, Staff Sgt. Larry Barnard, Spc. Phillip Lear, and Pfc. Roy Brown Jr., made the ultimate sacrifice while conducting combat operations in support of Operation Just Cause.

In addition to the Ranger sacrifice, the following service members were also killed:

Pvt. Vance T. Coats - 82nd Airborne Division
Spc. Jerry S. Daves - 82nd Airborne. Division
Sgt. Michael A. Deblois - 82nd Airborne Division
Pfc. Martin D. Denson - 82nd Airborne Division
Pfc. William D. Gibbs - 7th Infantry Division
Spc. Alejandro Manriquelozano* - 82nd Airborne Division
Cpl. Ivan M. Perez - 5th Infantry Division
Pfc. Scott L. Roth - 89th Military Police Brigade
Pvt. Kenneth D. Scott - 5th Infantry Division
1st Lt. John R. Hunter - 160th Aviation
CWO2 Wilson B. Owens - 160th Aviation
CWO2 Andrew P. Porter - 7th Infantry Division
Pvt. James A. Taber Jr. - 82nd Airborne Division
Lt. j.g. John Connors - Special Warfare Group
BM1 Chris Tilghman - Special Warfare Group
ENC Donald McFaul - Special Warfare Group
TM2 Issac G. Rodriguez III - Special Warfare Group
Cpl. Garreth C. Isaak - 2nd Marine Division

We will never forget the courage, bravery and determination displayed by America's finest soldiers.

Rangers Lead The Way!
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Re: 30 Years Ago Today - Operation Just Cause

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Don't log in here much anymore. I actually forgot this year, more focused on stuff going on with my kids. We be old...
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Re: 30 Years Ago Today - Operation Just Cause

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RangerX wrote: January 7th, 2023, 12:14 pm Don't log in here much anymore. I actually forgot this year, more focused on stuff going on with my kids. We be old...
Hey, you got a week or two that matters. I got a months that no one gives a shit about and doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.

Not a pro or con. Just an observation.
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