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DEP Intro - Gray

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Good Evening,

My name is Gray, I'm 19 and have just entered DEP with an 11X and Opt. 40 contract (RGV4). I ship out in less than 8 days (quick ship, 20201005).
First, thank you all for offering the amazing info on the site, and for giving such an awesome platform to contribute to.

Little background:
Came from University after completing a year of classes and Army ROTC where I had amazing experiences through the program, but, timing of COVID, finances, and huge dissatisfaction with the school led to me dropping at the beginning of this semester to pursue what I truly want, a big Army experience that I hope will push me to my limits and then some, and a lifestyle free of personal $hit bagging where I can push myself to excel in an area I feel genuinely passionate about.

Had an Opt. 40 11X literally drop into my lap after originally being told it would be at least 6 months till they opened, so to say God threw me a bone is an understatement. The pressure I feel to live up to the standards is immense with that in mind as it cut my preparation time and my run is lacking (15:50), so I've got alot of work. Pushups 60, situps 78.

Wanted to write a little intro and background, I intend to update if I make it through. I wish everyone who is waiting or hoping for similar my best wishes. Godspeed to other baby faces on here, apes together strong

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