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Plate Carriers/Ruck

Post by PracticeAllstar »

I am currently about 10 days away from hearing if my medical waiver should pass or not and I have started looking into rucks/plate carriers/boots to help prepare on top of running and lifting. For the ruck and boots GOruck seemed to be a one stop shop. They have a model called The Rucker which allows you to add weights that they also make in different increments and sliding them into the ruck. They also have some boots that I may buy as well and I am just curious if anyone has any experience with them?

For the plate carrier I am lost. I have checked out 5.11 and Crye and it seems pretty straight forward. Once I have the carrier where do I buy the plates and how much weight should I be looking to add?

Thanks for your time.

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Re: Plate Carriers/Ruck

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Plate carrier and plates are pretty expensive. You should be able to buy a weighted vest for much cheaper and easier to find... _Something like this

I took a quick look at that website. The pack you mentioned does not look like it has a frame. Military rucks are going to have a frame to them and ones that do not have them typically are not good for distance stuff (generally speaking). A military ALICE pack is pretty easy to get off of ebay most days. I did a quick search and you can get the bag and frame for less than 50 dollars before shipping costs.

You don't have to spend a ton of money to train this stuff. I would encourage you to try to not spend lots of money if you can help it.
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