need help

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need help

Post by Huffmanster »

Good Day,

My dad went to ranger school in 1963, I am trying to find out which class he was in and hopefully find a class picture of him. Hes getting old and has poor health, but is really salty and wont talk about his experience in Vietnam. I am a retired Army vet but was not ranger. I was only Airborne. I do know during my secret security clearance interview I was briefly informed that he was a war hero. but that was in 1988 and do not remember much about. If anyone can help me find out more information my family would be forever grateful.

KW Driver
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Re: need help

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FOIA his records, VA/DoD/Army should have a good POC to start.

go to the Ft Benning webpage, ARTB (Airborne Ranger Training Brigade) tab, Ranger School, class pictures. you're not likely to be able to ID his class # through the page, but they have most every available class photo hung and accessible. he's not likely to look anything like other contemporary pics of him, because I sure didn't. we lost a lot of weight.

good luck.
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