Dean R. Reges

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Dean R. Reges

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In 2009, a woman registered on, introducing herself as the spouse of an Army Ranger. When questions were asked about her husband’s Ranger service, it became quickly evident that he had not been a Ranger. These “red flags” were pointed out to the woman, who was shocked and in complete denial that her husband might have lied to her.

Her husband, Dean R. Reges, had told her, their children, their friends, his co-workers, and just about anybody else who would listen, that he had served in a Ranger unit, and had taken part in extensive covert missions in South America.

When his supervisor was transferred around 2003-2004, Dean made a presentation to him in front of everyone, giving him a soviet AK cartridge that had misfired when an enemy soldier in S. America had tried to shoot him. Of course, “Ranger” Dean killed the enemy, and removed the lucky cartridge from his weapon. This is one example of many, where he made false claims of combat experience in a Ranger unit.

When we accused her husband of being a poser, Dean’s wife demanded proof from the members of this site that her husband was a fake. We agreed to assist, and she supplied us with his DD-214 and other military information.

Dean R. Reges entered the army on Feb. 3, 1988. He was assigned to an MP unit in Schoffield Barracks, Hawaii (he obviously did not serve in a Ranger unit). He was separated for unsatisfactory performance (Chapter 13) on March 14, 1989.

In April 2009, a check was conducted at RTB to see if Dean had ever attended Ranger School. His name, social security, and date of birth were checked from 1980 through 1989. NO RECORD WAS FOUND.

It was the finding of our investigation that Dean Reges
1.) has never been Ranger qualified.
2.) never served in a Ranger Battalion.
3.) did not take part in combat in South America.
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