Adam Pouliot, MA/NH

Ranger Poser trophy kills for public viewing. Those named within have been caught posing as Rangers, by Rangers of this website.

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Adam Pouliot, MA/NH

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The saga continues, another wannabee located and exposed by a genuine combat wounded Ranger from 3d Battalion.



DOB: 03 MAR 75

Address: 10A April Court
Hudson, NH
(last known)

Cell: 617-816-9959 (last known)


Screen Name (AOL/AIM): SpecialOpsGuySFD


So the story begins.... I met this guy probably a year ago maybe when I was home on leave, he was dating my (now ex) girlfriend's roomate. I heard he was in 3rd Batt, so we chatted, got drinks, etc.... he is a pretty good liar. He claimed service with 3rd Ranger Battalion during the Somalia conflict as well as CAG, as WELL as being wounded during the conflict and being awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Anyways, I find out from one of my friends that he was lying about a few things, including dating a playboy playmate (of which he created "her page himself, and posted comments on his own page), as well as being a bodyguard in Boston. I look into him... made some phone calls, and with the help of Bravo57 verified that he had never served in Somalia w/ 3rd Ranger Battalion, nor has he ever held any type of security clearance and he is not on the Purple Heart recipient list for the Somalia conflict.

When I confronted him tonight, within 1 minute he had deleted me from his friends list on myspace and his profile is private. And oh yeah, he changed his pic of him doing a HALO jump to a pic of some fuckin tropical beach. I found out from his ex-g/f who is a close friend of mine and has been working by my side with me on this, that he had the fucking NERVE.... to give her a folded flag, and stated that Randy Shughart had given it to him, and told him to give it to the woman he thought was "the one". MOTHER FUCKER I AM FURIOUS RIGHT NOW... I can imagine what you Somalia vets are feeling. You should hear some of the stories this shitbag has told. He used to have a purple heart, bronze star, and pictures relating to Somalia all over his myspace. His ex was telling me about how he was walking around on Memorial Day in a pair of SEVERELY jacked up Class A's.... no name tape, no awards, nothing. Just a black beret w/ Ranger flash/DUI, plus scroll/tab. This is his whole persona.... this is how he gets chicks, friends, respect, etc. He had better PRAY I don't run into that mother fucker next time I am home. I am debating on whether or not I should write the local paper up there and REALLY bust him out and/or press charges violating the Stolen Valor Act.

Here is the linky where I called him out.

Here is a backup link to the convo.



I'm posting this on my blog on myspace as well.

Updates to follow, trust me.


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