Justin Walker -- Upland, CA

Ranger Poser trophy kills for public viewing. Those named within have been caught posing as Rangers, by Rangers of this website.

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Justin Walker -- Upland, CA

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What we have here is a young man who enlisted and was discharged for medical reasons. Not content to have served honorably, he felt the need to embelish the story. One of our members contacted Justin and pointed out the need for facing up to the truth:

Justin Walker
1491 Victoria Ave.
Upland, California 91786


Like most internet posers, Justin has let his mouth write checks that he's entirely incapable of cashing. On a variety of websites, public and owned by himself, he's boasted of being trained to be a killer by the US Army. He's made claims of being a Ranger, attending RIP, and being in Special Forces. None of which is true.

Using the scanned documents of his service he provides on his own website, it becomes very clear what his timeline is:
21 Jan 03 Enrolled in DEPs
18 AUG 03 Began Infantry AIT class 03-057
28 NOV 03 Completed Infantry AIT
19 DEC 03 Complete Airborne School class 02-501
12 Jan 04 Began Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) Class 03-003*
10 Feb 04 Discharged
* It cannot be established if he completed SFAS. However, he could not have attended Phase II (training), as the only Phase II occurred after the graduation date for SFAS class 03-003 (5 Jan 04) started 19 Feb 04, nine days after he was discharged.

From his Myspace page wrote:
Let's see... I am a southern Californian, born and raised. Although I grew up in some rough times when I was younger, it all turned out alright for me. I spent some time as an assistant youth minister at a Catholic church, then I joined the Army under an 18x contract (Special Forces). I trained with the Special Forces at Fort Bragg for some time, before I shattered my knees when my chute didn't quite open all the way. Damn T10D Parachutes... WWII leftovers. Oh well, life goes on. I really only joined so I could train in hand to hand combat anyways, so mission accomplished! After the military, I went back to coaching gymnastics
Here he claims to have "trained with SF," which is a half-truth. Attending SFAS provides minimum training to determine if a soldier is physically and mentally capable of further SF training. In his case, he was not.

From his posts on budoseek.net wrote:
If I am correct, they have reinstituted the Reserve SF components. They offered me that option before Q Course, before I got injured.

Here he claims to have attended the Q Course. As the initial Phase II course in 2004 occurred after he was discharged, he is clearly lying..

Also from budoseek.net wrote:
I had to hit it a few times in Airborne, then about a THOUSAND times in RIP. Going down isn't so bad. Its the getting smoked for 30 minutes then running back up with a full ruck that starts to get to you...
I couldn't feel my legs most of the time in RIP. I had already busted them up jumping out of airplanes, I was only getting by with painkillers (given to me by a former Army nurse who happened to be training with me after he reclassed... I would not recommend using painkillers to get through RIP) and my legs were basically numb the whole time through. After PT and some good solid smoke sessions, I simply would not be able to bend my knees.
He didn't have an Option 40 contract and a quick check reveals that he was never scheduled to attend RIP, nor was he a walk-on.
I was Honorably discharged from the military on February 10 of 2004. I was Airborne with an 18X contract. I went into the Army to be a Green Beret, and I was discharged after completing Phase III. I still had Q, SERE, and Language school before I would be done. I made it pretty far, but unfortunately I had seriously injured my knees on a night combat jump back in October 2003, and it eventually caught up to me. I washed out and was sent home. They told me "You can't be a Green Beret if you can't walk". Lol. Go figure?
Here he admits that he had not attended the Q Course, however claims to have completed Phase III. Again, this is impossible because he did not attend Phase II. Furthermore, someone who had completed Phase III would never refer to himself as an 18X, as he would have been given (and trained his ass off for) an actual MOS code.

Caption for a photo on his website wrote:
During RIP. Geek and Vasoline think they are real hard core badasses... I don't think they understand that I am the REAL DEAL. No pretending, no playing.
The real deal, eh? Who could have ever guessed that the "REAL DEAL" was a liar, who failed to meet the terms of his contract and lasted less than a year in the Army, never being assigned to a real unit or doing real training?

Addendum: Shortly after contacting a Ranger listed as being a friend of his on MySpace, Justin dropped all claims of attending RIP from his website.

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