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My Platoon Sergeant is a fucking monster and this cross fit shit tears him a new asshole daily. If it crushes him, it has to be badass. As for 90% of my platoon? We are the bastard children of Satan, and most of us cry like bitches trying to do this shit to standard. I have seen good results on it, but as for APFT? Training for a PT Test versus training for combat fitness are far different as demonstrated over the last couple of years worht of deployments. So its on you, but I would tend to balance my work out sessions with a piss load more running than crossfit implicates. Just my .02 cents.

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make sure you do the standard cross fit warm up also, the WOD does not inlcude the standard warm up it is...

The "official" CrossFit Warm-up is in the April 2003 CrossFit Journal.

3 rounds of 10-15 reps of
Samson Stretch (do the Samson Stretch once each round for 15-30 seconds)
Overhead Squat with broomstick
Note that for a workout that's dip or pullup-centric, you might want to do something else in the warmup.

i have been also told to add in a run or a cardio routine to accompany these work outs

hope it helps
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Re: The Crossfit protocol

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smug wrote: November 17th, 2004, 12:03 pm Has anybody followed the Crossfit protocol with good results? If so, how has it affected your PFT scores? Finally, if anybody has rejected this system, please indicate why.
I am 22 years old, now I have been in the army for a year and I want to share information about how I worked on my body, what workouts helped me. I spent a lot of time in order to go already prepared and be like a sausage, so when I came across , I found a lot of useful information and sets of exercises from them that helped me achieve my goal and not harm my joints and muscles, so you should study this topic in great detail and choose the right load for yourself.
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