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My name is Desmond and I recently enlisted as a 25b(Information Technology Specialist)with an option 4. I decided to join the army after completing 1 year of college and feeling that I had no purpose, or more so that I have to find my purpose and just more within myself. I just recently reached out to 75th Ranger Recruiter Gordon about volunteering for RASP at AIT, because I could not secure an OPT.40. I ship Aug 30 and I am wondering what are the next steps I should take to still pursue my dream of becoming a Ranger.

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(any tips or guidance you can give me about Pre-RASP, RASP, and or the process)
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Re: Introduction

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Desmond, welcome to the forum. We pride ourselves on the site because of our mentorship success rate with hopefuls who come here wanting to join Regiment. What will determine your success is YOU. We can only do so much in pointing you in the right direction. A little bit of initiative goes a long way.

Why do you want to be a Ranger? Have you given a PT test to yourself yet? (If not, conduct a pushup,situp,chinup,and 2 mile test to see where your baseline numbers are at.)

If you read throughout the numerous introduction threads, letters from school, etc. you'll see that many have come here seeking guidance and mentorship to get where they want to go. Read through a couple hopeful's threads and you'll see what made them successful, and what made others grab their gear and quit/get dropped. You said that you ship in roughly a month, so you have a little bit of time to get ready for what's on your horizon. When you ship out, create a thread in the letters from school section so we can track your progress.

My best advice to you is to start preparing as much as you can without injuring yourself in getting your mind and body right for your 5m target which is basic training. Start focusing on proper pushup form, chin/pull-ups, sit-ups, and running. There are A TON of workout plans on this site in the physical training/pt improvement section. I highly recommend that you check those out to set yourself up for success.

Once you get done with basic and head to AIT get into touch with the liaison there from Regiment (which I see you already have), he should be able to set you up with a slot if you want it, and have a good PT score/do well in AIT. Do not go into this half-assed, because if you do you'll only be kidding yourself in the end. I'll shoot you a PM here in a few, make sure you follow the directions in it. "
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