Best Way to Enlist for Me?

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Best Way to Enlist for Me?

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Hi Everyone,

I graduated from University in the Spring, and have been working to support myself and training to get my physical to a maxed out PFT/CFT since then. I am pretty bright as well, and a great test taker, and my studying for the ASVAB has been great. I am confident I can continue to mold myself into a strong Ranger/SF candidate. I was an athlete in college so my background has allowed me to make gains quickly.

I unfortunately have a heart condition that is listed as disqualifying for the military under special circumstances. My case is extremely mild, and does not meet these circumstances, so by the letter it is not disqualifying. I met with my Dr. this week to get his medical opinion on it, and he said that there is no reason, in his view, that I should have any problems w/ my condition. With that from him, I am reasonably confident in my ability to get a waiver, however I have been told that Rangers/SF don't accept candidates with medical waivers. This makes sense to me, obviously, but it is my strong desire to serve in a community like one of these, and so I am wondering about the best way to go about finding if I am a fit.

My temptation is honestly to not mention my condition to a recruiter, as it is extremely mild and I do have a favorable Dr's opinion, but I also know this isn't probably the way to go about it, as it's dishonest and could lead to way more trouble than it's worth.

Instead, my plan is to, once I am ready, take all of the info to the recruiter once I am ready to take the ASVAB/take the physical test at MEPS, and hopefully they decide I don't need a waiver.

My question to you all after that long winded response is this... Am I making too big a deal out of this? How should I present myself to a recruiter both honestly but also trying to get the Option 40? I figure the more information I come in with, the better, but I also don't want to create work where it might not be necessary.

Also, is it true I can't get an option 40 with a medical waiver? If so, do I sign up before I go to MEPS? If I go to MEPS, and they say I need a waiver, and that means I can't pursue a Ranger Regiment/SF career path, will I just be given a different job that may or may not suit me, or will I have the option to choose something else or nothing at all?

Confused as to how all this works and would appreciate any guidance that y'all can offer
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