Introduction - Ryan

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Introduction - Ryan

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Hello Rangers and everyone else, my name is Ryan. I just turned 30 years old. I have two bachelors degrees: one in History and one in Political Science. I am currently a paralegal at a law firm. I thought for the longest time that I wanted to be an attorney. But after working with them for 6 years since finishing my degrees, I don't think a desk job or that environment is for me right now. I have always had a passion and dream of serving our country. I want to be a warrior while I'm still decently young. I love the principles Rangers stand on and the culture they have. I will give 110% of my life to this pursuit if given the opportunity.

In terms of my PT background: I am an ex collegiate athlete who is very active in the gym. I am 6'1 220lbs. I absolutely need to improve my cardio which I have been doing 3-4 times a week. I also have been ruck marching with 35-50 lbs once or twice a week for anywhere from 3-5 miles. I understand lots of muscle mass can weigh you down in any military training course. What would be a good target weight to cut to?

My plan is to most likely pursue OCS, but I'm curious about the entire route to becoming ranger after that? Would I put my MOS as 11A and try to get an opt40? Its to my understanding that ranger school and RASP wouldn't be for a few years after I enlisted as an officer. I'm just very curious and would love to lay out a plan and timeline. There's so much information on this website that I haven't had time to research yet so I apologize if I am asking questions that can be answered with said research.

This would be the challenge of a lifetime for me that I would welcome with open arms. I appreciate any feedback, constructive criticism, or information.

Thank you all for everything you do.
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