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Post by Darby7 »

Hello everyone, My name is Anthony...I currently reside in the good ole sunshine state!  (Florida)

Currently my occupation is a Framing Carpenter, I've decided to take the next step and begin the process of enlisting into the Army...

Still in the early stages of enlistment..AFQT scores scores are 76 AFQT,  GT 123,

APFT scores:

57 push ups (79 points)

59 sit ups    (72 points)

2MR.   16:27 ( 60 points)

Total APFT score (211)

The ultimate goal is attend RASP and to earn the right to become apart of the 75th Ranger Regiment.
However as of right now their are no contracts available that guarantee Airborne slots (Option 4)
I'm aware of the option 40 that guarantees a slot in airborne school AFTER RASP.

Will OSUT/AIT get you in shape in preperation for RASP? or is it ideal to delay the enlistment process entirely and go in when one is capable of crushing the APFT?

I know there is much work to be done...average is unacceptable and the maximum is the minimum...I plan to utilize this site along with the wealth of wisdom provided by the Rangers on this site.

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Re: Introduction-Anthony

Post by IntelToad »

Welcome here Anthony.

OSUT/AIT will help you get ready for RASP to a certain degree, but additional PT especially during AIT will be more beneficial depending on the MOS.

What MOS are you interested in pursuing ?

It's not all about crushing the APFT, there is plenty more that goes into it. There is a great deal of knowledge here from those that went before you, start reading and then read some more.
S-2, HQ 75th, 1985-1987
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