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Message from Army Ranger Mojo

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I am writing to you on behalf of Army Ranger Mojo Inc., an organization supporting past, present and future Rangers. We currently estimate approximately 500 young soldiers that have obtained Ranger contracts that have come here requesting mentorship from one of our vetted Rangers. Our mentor program provides direct feedback and support to our young soldiers in preparing them for their journey to the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program. Our program is so well known now that we receive special forces soldiers, active duty soldiers, officers, and foreign service members seeking assistance with their journeys to Ranger School and some into Regiment.

Army Ranger Mojo is a non-profit organization (501c3) and your donation is tax-deductible. ARMi has several other areas in which it provides assistance and support to our community. Army Ranger Mojo utilizes the website, which provides multiple sources of education and history surrounding Army Rangers. The website also includes the largest vetted Army Ranger forums currently on the internet. A member with the title Ranger has been vetted as a Ranger. The site includes several sections dedicated to Ranger support including Networking, Service related issues, PTSD section, parents area, dedicated female/wives area, mentor area, sports, weapons, and much more. Many of the areas are not visible until one registers on the site.

Your donation will bring us closer to our goal in making sure that our programs will continue by keeping online. Many active duty Rangers, recruiters and more are on board as well as hundreds of individuals. Our community is clearly excited and eager to see our program succeed. You can be a part of that excitement by supporting Army Ranger Mojo with your donation. We are happy to acknowledge your donation on our website, unless you prefer otherwise.

I would like to thank you for considering this opportunity to see our program grow and raising funds to keep online.

Online donations can be made at: (LINK COMING SOON)

Mailed donations can be sent to:

Army Ranger Mojo, Inc.
1402 Lake Tapps PKWY E.
Ste. 104-135
Auburn WA 98092
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