RIP: 1Lt Daren M. Hidalgo

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RIP: 1Lt Daren M. Hidalgo

Post by garyedolan »

1Lt Daren M. Hidalgo, of Pennsylvania, finished his last mission on February 20th 2011 while conducting combat operations near Mama Kiriz, Afghanistan. Daren was a 2005 graduate of Dallastown Area High School.

His father Jorge Hidalgo said, "My boys all decided to go into the military”. “ Daren was hard working and willing to take on a challenge, but also kind-hearted and the "sparkle in everyone's eye." Aside from his military career, Daren Hidalgo was "one heck of a good athlete," his father said.” He was a phenomenal man, very athletic, and he participated in some of the toughest schools the military offers — the ones most people don't even attempt," Jorge Hidalgo told The Freeman of Waukesha.

Dave Gable, Daren Hidalgo's high school wrestling coach in Pennsylvania, said the youth was an outstanding wrestler.” He was the type of person that everybody loved," Gable told the York Daily Record. "He had a magnetic personality, a big smile, and was generally happy about everything that was going on."

Dallastown Area High School Principal Alan Fauth said Daren Hidalgo was a mentor to younger students in the wrestling program.

"I've known tens of thousands of kids," Fauth told the York Dispatch. "I put Daren in the top 10."Fauth said he is planning a memorial service for Hidalgo on Wednesday, starting the day with an announcement on the school's student television broadcast and asking for a moment of silence. He said he has also asked the school's Junior Color Guard to stand at attention in the lobby all day in honor of Hidalgo.

"We're just going to have a very visual reminder of what war is and, unfortunately, one of our students paid the ultimate price," Fauth said.

After High School, Hidalgo went on to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 2009. He completed Infantry Officer Basic Course, Airborne, Ranger, Army Combatives and Stryker Leader Course at Fort Benning, Ga.
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Re: RIP: 1Lt Daren M. Hidalgo

Post by Lefty »

RIP Warrior.

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Re: RIP: 1Lt Daren M. Hidalgo

Post by GTP »

Rest in Peace; prayers to family, friends and loved ones.

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Re: RIP: 1Lt Daren M. Hidalgo

Post by Buzz »

Rest in Peace Ranger.
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Re: RIP: 1Lt Daren M. Hidalgo

Post by colt1rgr »

DAMN!........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Just have no clue what else to say. RIP.
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Re: RIP: 1Lt Daren M. Hidalgo

Post by al_2ndWolfhounds »

Rest in Peace, your friends and family will miss you for what you were, we will all miss you for all you may have accomplished.

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Re: RIP: 1Lt Daren M. Hidalgo

Post by redcon1 »

This kid was local to me.. I attended the HS Wrestling sectionals where they announced his appointment to USMA.

RIP, young Ranger.
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Re: RIP: 1Lt Daren M. Hidalgo

Post by Ranger Ron »

RIP, Sir! Prayers out for his family and friends.

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Re: RIP: 1Lt Daren M. Hidalgo

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Rest in Peace, Sir!

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