graduated from RASP

Commo from our members who are in OSUT, Jump School, RIP, Ranger School, etc.
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Re: graduated from RASP

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Welcome to the Brotherhood Ranger.
I never wore a cape, but I still have my dog tags.

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KW Driver
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graduated from RASP

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La Villa will never die. Just watch out for the jellyfish in the pool.

And if you look closely at the HoJo's 1st floor patios, just west of the pool, you might still see some of Ohio State's football team's blood.

Spring break sure was fun in BN. :)
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Re: graduated from RASP

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Congradulations Ranger.
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The way I became a Ranger and have earned the small amount of success I have had in life has been mostly due to one quality - determination. Lefty.
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Re: graduated from RASP

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Invictus wrote:
KW Driver wrote:You Bandito's son?
Roger. I'm pretty sure he and some of his peers are checking out Spinnaker's and Club La Vila this weekend.
Actually, I'm not sure those joints are still open, but that's the destination.
They are. I know I'm not a Ranger or even in the Army yet for that matter, but I wish I would've read this sooner. Would have gotten them a few beers.

Discipline is a bitch, but once you master it, there's nothing quite like it.
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Re: graduated from RASP

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Congrats man. You've done what many could not, or were too fuckin chicken to!
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Re: graduated from RASP

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Great work Ranger!
"The way of the warrior is in training" ~Sun Tzu

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Done a few years in Light, Mech, and Airborne Infantry.

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