18 ABN LRSC contact...

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Re: 18 ABN LRSC contact...

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I was one of the original unit members when it started with 6 teams as 519 D Co LRSD, later activated as XVIII ABN Corps LRSC. I heard from Grimmy a couple of years ago, I guess he is still doing Grim shit... says he still hears from Fuller every once and a while, heard Ban made MSG, DOC Ant made PA, Eddy Cucumber A. disapeared back to Samoa, never heard from Farnsworth again, Craig blew a knee, Lemeuex got a PSYCH (No kidding), Manny got tossed for AA, Leslie went back to the 82nd way back then, God only knows what happened to Lohner and White. Hernandez (that got tossed from RNG school for stealing MRE's) got his Tab back (can you believe that?), Shenckle is probably off being harder than nails somewhere, Joe R is probably still a PRC E6 with smoked bag attachement (poor Johnson, he never forgot us for that) , Gall a mystery then and probably still is but I ran into a Reserve SF COL here in Iwate on an exercise that knew all of us from back then. Pendragon... God I wish I could find Pendragon (Art was a strange one), Barnes is still probably scrounging everything not welded, bolted, tied or otherwise secured to the planet and setting up foriegn wing jumps all over the planet with Doyle. Snake I'll bet still shits himself on runs just to make it more interesting (you had to be there that day). McCormack (who fell out of the chopper at that race, good old 1SG Lou, put a 31Chuck in an exibition with no training) that was the fastest rappell I ever saw) got bounced out=shattered back. LTG Luck who started it all retired, GEN Shelton ditched the Bush administration and fell of his roof in NC and broke his neck (they said he would never walk again...He did). Never heard what happened to LTC Rose, LTC Keun but I heard COL Tiberi went to Badtolz got married and got out. The only person that I hope got really sick and died was Solis, I for the life off me cannot remember the name of the kid he busted for BS reasons and then showed up at the same party with all of us, 1SG Solis showed up and... GOD that kid made a bee line for him and BTS out of him. Solis tried to bust him again the next day. I actually hear some guy in Cali named Solis got shot through the eye with a crossbow and lived... I hoped it was him.

There were some good times... Creasman smoking in hide (Leslie should have shot him)... Manny totalling not 2 but 3 brand new mustangs, Lemuex nailing that girl under the barracks under my room with her head hitting the nails coming through the floor (it looked like a pitbull fight), when we were in formation and someone tried to explain to CSM Marrs that Neo's was an alternative bar "you know SM where guys dance with guys and girls dance with girls". When "SOMEONE" dropped a CS canister in Neo's. Biggs shuffling down the road with 2 IV's in the tops of his feet. The first time CSM Shelly tried to do PT with us and fell out in the first half mile. When Learner got lost on the SF Land NAV course and walked to the prison to drink coffee while we looked for him all night long. Leap Fest in Rhode Island. The fight at Knickerbockers in Little Creek with the squids. That tough good looking chick from 519th that wanted to joind LRSC so bad she road marched with us and made it... SPC Hayney I think was her name. Petit who couldn't get thrown out soon enough so he claimed he was gay.. then just started smoking pot till they threw him out

That was 16 years ago or more, ancient history. I retired from the Army and went to work with DOD after 911 and now I am a DOD GS-12 hanging out in Japan enjoying the good life. If someone knows where to get one of our first PT shirts (XVIII ABN LRSC) with the Halo wings, tab, diver etc please let me know, it seems to me that White did the first drawing. Mine have deteriorated over the years and I would really like to get more.

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Re: 18 ABN LRSC contact...

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Satan6...now that's a name I've never heard before.

You need to go post a introduction. It's site SOP, and we kinda like to know who we're talking to.
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Re: 18 ABN LRSC contact...

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So this post is nearly two years old but I have to say, I do know many of the Satan VI.

Big Eddy was my Team leader after I went to the arms room after leaving the teams.

As for his question of the LRSC PT shirts, I have mine put away...it would be pretty easy to have it scanned and a new run done.
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