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I didn't really know the best place to post this, but it some what involves recon with RSTA & INF. Anyway Im in the middle of a different situation with the GA NG and I don't know the best way to handle it, so anyones advice would be greatly appreciated.

-For the past 2.5 months I have been trying to get transfered over to the 108th RSTA or the 121st INF to deploy with the 48th as a line medic. I have a number of other 68W's from other states that signed up through GKO and were easily placed in these units and are at Camp Shelby training as we speak. **This morning my readiness NCO (214th FA) called me to tell me that my transfer had not gone through because the 78th Troop Command had called up all of our medics to leave with the 248th Medical Co. He said that I needed to be ready to leave tomorrow for Camp Oglethorpe.

-Does anyone have any advice of who I should speak to or what I could do to still manage a transfer over to the 48th... 121st INF (I have some connections from this unit working to try and get me transfered over) or the 108th but they have already left (I would still be interested in joining them if I could). I just don't know what to do as I was volunteering to leave with the 48th long before the 78th Troop Command said that they needed medics for their support unit.

-I in no way mean any sort of disrespect, but I cannot deploy to sit in a hospital all day... I want/need to be out with the INF. It's what I have trained for and what I am geared for.

Any advice/info will be appreciated.


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Complete the mission an exemplary job, never stop shooting for your ultimate goal. Time and effort, time and effort.
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No CSM who has you on their books with a deployment looming is going to give you up. If you are going to the same theater there might be a way to politic for a 1 for 1 exchange. other wise it looks like it is time to politic for doing something other than guarding the MUF. Make friends with the DOCs and try to get in on some good procedures. Maybe they will let you do some stuff on a local here or there. Having been an 18D I can tell you the Stan and Iraq are huge live tissue labs. You might also try to hook up with the local MTT/BTT/PTT/etc and go out with them when ever possible.

Good luck and remember 'Operator feels no pain!'
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If your so hard corps, why don't you branch transfer to the Navy and be a Marine Corpsman? I mean really....I was with a NAVRES Corpsman in Ramadi and he'd been there a year and a half. The NAVRES had forgotten him there and he was fine with it, now that's hard corps baby!
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