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rgrpuck wrote:
Phantom wrote:Here's my take on this whole BfSB and LRS thing and it's probably going to be the only thing that I say about it.
I've been at F CO for over 3 years now and have served at every position from SO to TL. Did we do LRS missions in Iraq? Yes, absolutely and at the strategic level. I was all over that goddamn country. That's all we did. Will the Guard be doing the same missions? Not unless they have some very good teams. I was in a Guard LRSD for 6 months before I came AD and from what I saw they need a whole lot of training before they begin to execute real world missions.
Will the new MTOE and the new BfSB structure mean the same type of missions and even missions going after Tier 1 HVT's? Absolutely not and I will tell you why it will never be. It's because LRS is stuck in the Regular Army. That's why LRS will never be the way that people envision it to be. I don't care how many cool guy schools you have on your ERB, or how many HALO or water train-ups you conduct. Three different times HALO insertions were the primary and really the only means of insertion on a few missions during deployment and as the OPORDER made its way up to Corps it was shot down quicker than you could imagine. Why? Because no Corps or Division commander is going to trust SPC Snuffy to insert via MFF when you have units like CAG or RRD who could do the exact same thing without a hiccup. Same with Scout Swimmer or SCUBA insertions. I experienced all the excitement about the new MTOE and how LRS is going to be used in the future and I was as just as convinced then as I am now that it's not going to happen.

Furthermore FM 7-93 is shit. I've never used it and I don't expect the newer one to be any better than the piece of garbage in print today. There is such a huge disconnect between the Army and LRS today that that is the primary reason why no one even knows what the hell LRS does. RSLC's POI isn't even current with what we do today which is why we hardly send anyone there anymore. The only way LRS will be used to its full capabilities is if it falls under SOCOM and that's never going to happen. It's completely capable of those missions but when all you have is a Captain in a room full of full birds you're never going to sell yourself. I don't care how good you are. F/51st is a goddamn outstanding unit but it's operating against the constraints of the Regular Army with both hands tied behind its back. LRS would have a lot more freedom and pull if it were put back under G-2 at the Corps level, instead of under the microscope in an MI Brigade. Its been the same song and dance for as long as I've been there, which explains the mass exodus of NCO's out of F CO, including myself.

I wish I could say I see some hope for LRS in the future but I expect things to remain as stagnant as they've been. Because if Corps LRS ain't doing it, then no other LRSU will be doing it either.

Just my 2 cents.

This is nothing new. It hasnt changed sense 96. Wes and I have had this discussion while we were in Fun 51.
Weekly it seemed....
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