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Moving in and around an area of operations. Helicopters, Bikes, RSOVs, Zodiac's, etc...
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Unknown wrote:Always play with the wildlife. If you get lost look at your map and shake a tree.
Snakes really dig that
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rgrpuck wrote:
Unknown wrote:Always play with the wildlife. If you get lost look at your map and shake a tree.
Snakes really dig that
The snakes and hogs know where the points are. :lol:
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Thank you Rangers, I did some land Nav. for the first time last week. Did ok, went with a buddy of mine. Well I was thinking of trying to do some night land Nav. but can’t get any one to go with me, so I was thinking of going alone. Just wanted to know if there was any thing special I should know. Thank you again Rangers
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PO wrote: ....but can’t get any one to go with me
Fucking DUH, it sucks....

PO wrote: I was thinking of going alone.
Don't be a moron.


If you do we will have talk about you in the past tense, got it? After you get better and have a course that people can find you in case you don't make a time hack.

.................... muttering to self, damnit gotta go find a fuckin cherry that got lost in the hungla..... mother fuck......
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If possible, don't shoot your azimuth directly to the point. Instead, shoot it to a nearby terrain feature, road, or road intersection, then look for the nearby point. This ensures that you don't overshoot, which can happen at night when your pace count might be off.

And by all means, watch out for those huge sinkholes in Fort Benning. I'm surprised nobody's died from falling into them yet, because some of them are the equivalent of a 2-3 story drop.

My R.I.P. Land Nav test was memorable. It started before dawn and continued until the late morning. That particular night, they were dong controlled burns of the underbrush, so when we went out there, the whole course was on FIRE. Every couple dozen feet there was a tree stump just lit up like a small campfire, casting a smokescreen across the forest. It was the trippiest thing I've ever seen while completely sober.
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